Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chop Wood And Carry Water

Back when resources did not come out of a faucet or electrical socket people pumped water from wells, and went out and chopped wood first thing in the morning.  The reason for this was because wood and water were the basics and had to be used to do most activities throughout the day.  

Water was used to quench the thirst of the people and also the livestock.  Water was also used to cook and prepare foods with.  People used water to create building materials like mud and other binding agents.  Without water in the morning things would have come to a halt throughout the workday.

Wood was also a main resource that was needed when the day started.  Wood was used for heat.  A cooking source, a building material for homes and also to provide heat to shape metal.

Fast forward to today and I still have to chop wood and carry water but they are a little different.  To get my day kicked off I have two things I do.  I workout when I first get out of bed and then I hit my bible for reading and prayer.  

Working out wakes me up my body and helps to relieve any stress I have physically.  It also keeps my body in shape so I don’t get run down or become sick frequently.  Working out clears my head and helps me to think of new ideas and absorb concepts I come across throughout the day.

Reading my bible and praying prepares me for the roller coaster of dealing with people and prepares my heart to work and live for God.  Without doing this I will not treat people in a godly way.  I will also have less patience and also become easily irritated.

What is the water you carry and the wood you have to chop to start your day?