Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daddy Are You Tough?

This was the question my oldest son asked me this morning prior to going to school.  I thought about why he would ask me this, but I thought about when I was a kid and looked at my father.  I wanted my father to be stronger than I was in every way.  My response to him though centered around a couple of things.

  1. That daddy was weak and flawed because of his sin.
  2. That daddy could only be strengthened by having faith in God and the Holy Spirit.

Before God changed my heart and gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit my sin controlled my life.  I was weak in fighting sin.  I would give in to desires of lust, love of money, power, and stepping on others to get ahead.  I had no choice in the matter because I was weak.  I told my son that the world views strength in terms that are really sinful (power, money, women, success).  True strength can only be shown by God and the Holy Spirit's ability to change man's hearts.  I let my son know that only God is strong and without Him man can only show weakness in the face of sin.


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Amy said...

thank you for being such an awesome shepherd to this family :)