Monday, June 13, 2011

How Do You Know Something Is An Impulse Buy?

  1. It is broken into 3 easy payments so you only feel a 3rd as foolish for buying it.
  2. It is sold after 12am, on TV, by some B list celebrity.
  3. They are giving away free samples of it while you shop at Costco.
  4. Before and after pictures are used to sell it.
  5. It either has an "X" in the title or is named after some type of wild animal.
  6. When you get it home your spouse says "again".
  7. When you wear it people mistake you for a monk, or Jedi Knight.
  8. It helps you lose weight, tone up, grow hair, and give you a good nights rest all in 90 days or your money back.
  9. It is based loosely, inspired by, and rumored to be from a true story.
  10. You buy it on your cell phone.
  11. Its in the grocery store at the same eye level as your children.
  12. You think to yourself the next day, "why did I buy this".  But you don't take it back.
  13. It is not on the list you brought with you to go shopping.  When you go into battle you should always have a plan, and going to the mall or grocery store is a battle for your wallet.

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