Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Coming To Grips With Genesis

Occasionally I will do book reviews of the books I am reading.  I won't necessarily give a rating for the book, but if it is on my site it is a book that I would recommend.

The price tag of inserting millions of years into the Bible has been quite costly.  First, we are asked to ignore many details of the biblical test in Genesis and elsewhere in Scripture, as discussed in this volume.  Second, we must also reject, ignore, or otherwise suppress the plain teaching of Jesus and the Apostles.  Third, by incorporating “deep time” into our thinking, we undermine the Bible’s teaching on the origin of death.  Fourth, we sully the character of God by adopting a view that has no other recourse but than to affirm that the natural evil we presently observe was designed and called very good by the Creator.  Fifth, we are left with many thorny conundrums, not the least of which is this: if our omnipotent Creator’s finished work was not death-free (death even seen as “good”), then what assurance do we have that the new heavens and new earth will be death-free?  Why trust scripture on the eschaton, but not on the beginning?  No matter how sincere one’s motives are, or how unintentional the fallout, tethering deep time to Scripture ultimately undermines the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is rooted in the literal history of Genesis, and the hope of the gospel in the eternal state, where there will be no more natural or moral evil.”
This excerpt from the book Coming To Grips With Genesis highlights some of the main problems with excepting a theory of how old the earth is and that we evolved from something else.  For years Christians have tried to put the face of Darwin on God instead of out right rejecting a theory that says we are nothing more than high functioning animals.  If this were the case there would be no reason to be civil towards those that we believe are weaker than ourselves, which would create optimal conditions that Darwin laid out in the 1800s.  More importantly though is that man would once again allow the word of someone else to triumph over the Word of God.  Genesis reveals what happens when we elevate ourselves above God’s Word when Eve and Adam ate from the tree of knowledge (Chaos, death, and destruction).  Yet as sinful beings we continue to repeat the same mistakes as our forefathers did in thinking our thoughts can somehow save us, or make us superior.
Mans creation by God was called “very good” by Him, yet man was not satisfied.  God created animals which Adam was given dominion over and called it “very good”, yet man was not satisfied.  God created the sun, stars, and moon, and called it “very good”, yet man was not satisfied.  God gave man the ultimate companion/helper in Eve, yet man is not satisfied.  God gave us His Word (The Bible), and yet we are not satisfied.  God gave us His Son, yet man is not satisfied.  God gave up His Son for our sins, and man to this day is not satisfied.  This state of not being satisfied is a direct response to the events that unfolded in Genesis with man doubting God.  How sad to think that God has given us all that we have, and people are ashamed of Him, and His words in Genesis.
God does not need us to apologize for His teachings of how the earth was created.  God does not need us to put our feeble thoughts on what we think happened.  God’s Word tells us how it was all created so we don’t have to fumble around in the dark reaching for a scientifically impossible beginning.
The question is will you trust God, or will you put your faith in men that have been shown to be fallible and corrupt since Adam and Eve first doubted God.

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